Plan for an unplannable future

Navigate an uncertain future with flexible workspaces. Dojo provides all the benefits of custom built workspaces without the downside of long-term contracts.

Zero Renovation Cost, Zero risk

Well designed, custom built offices either require heavy renovation capital outlay or are attached to long-term leases.

While a well designed office is necessary for productivity, the risk can be overwhelming as companies take on a long-term commitment in an uncertain future. What if your company expands? What if it shrinks? Would you still be able to meet this commitment?

Dojo provides the upsides of custom built workspaces while mitigating the risk. We'll design and build a workspace around your needs without the long-term commitment.

office construction at Dojo coworking space

Zero Hassle. Focus On Your Business, Not Construction

Building an office is a cumbersome process. You'll need to deal with real estate agents, landlords, architects, interior designers, contractors, TNB, internet providers, the fire department, cleaners and maintenance vendors.

The process may take up to a year of diverting your valuable resources and time from your business.

Let Dojo be your single point of contact so you can focus on your business. We'll get your new office ready in 60 days or less.

Tailor-Made For Your Requirements

Whatever your company requires, whether it's a private meeting room, several manager rooms or more AV facilities, we've got you covered.

Just tell us your requirements and our experts will design your office specifically for you.

In addition to our state-of-the-art common facilities, you'll have a private workspace that suits your needs.

Dojo private office layout

Designed To Meet Your Future Needs

Your company won't stay the same size forever.

Our workspaces are designed with scalability in mind.

We design workspaces with the option of increasing headcount in a short span of time, while maintaining optimal productivity levels.

Productivity focused

Our workspaces and common facilities are designed to optimize productivity.

Whether it's sufficient lighting, power sockets and ventilation, to meditation chambers, quiet productivity areas and group breakout spaces, Dojo has incorporated designs backed by proven research and experimentation into its space.

working at dojo coworking space

Get Started In 3 Steps


Tell Us Your Requirements

Let us know about your team’s size, activities and workstyle for our experts to design a workspace that suits you.

Dojo Instruction Graphics Layout Selection

Choose your layout and aesthetic

Choose from several layouts designed by our experts specifically for you.

Dojo Instruction Graphics Move-in

Move in

Simply move in within 60 days. Dojo will handle everything from end-to-end. In the meantime, simply focus on your business.

Let us get in touch with you

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