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Most individuals spend an average of a third of their entire lives in their work space. These spaces have a great influence in molding who we are and how we behave. In Japan, the space of learning is sacred and designed to optimize the student’s needs to achieve mastery. A great level of respect and ownership is also accepted to be upheld.

Understanding this, we believe it is vital for the space to be designed to provide every employee the emotional, physical, and social support required.

Design & Build creates sacred spaces so employees thrive while employers see this newfound flow of energy create positive waves in the business. Combining scientific research with artistic creativity our interior creations are not only aesthetically pleasing but each element has an essential role.

We also ensure a smooth journey as ideation meets with renovation. By putting the creatives and the creators on the same team, we have seamlessly eliminated the element of stress from your plate.

Designing and building an office that has a great impact on your staff and business could not get any easier!

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Motivation and team spirit needed a boost. A sense of community and joy of coming to work was the management’s new priority. The current office space was dull, narrow, and unwelcoming.



Open plan was the solution to promoting movement and collaboration when the death of cubicle spaces occurred in the early 2000s. This layout has proven to reduce stress levels, boost productivity and also encourage inter-department conversation. Knocking down the walls and allowing the energy of mingling to flow freely without segregation from the partitions. Keeping in mind that certain individuals may require privacy and personal space to work we also created nooks of quiet working spaces. Next, we incorporated more natural light to reduce restlessness among the staff and elements of nature to introduce elements of serenity



Creating an environment that encourages trust and embodies safety.

As a global leadership advisory company, Egon Zehnder needs to build a relationship of ultimate trust. The firm’s core philosophy is Treasuring Closeness – getting to know their clients on an in-depth and intimate level, which enables them to Deliver Impact(ful) solutions.


Choosing the right color and lighting scheme for this space was essential in creating an environment where clients felt safe and protected. Options of greens and blues were provided as these colors trigger a sense of calmness and stability. Next, we relooked the seating arrangements to ensure the client felt the conversation was non confrontational and conducive to dialogue. Soft furnishing and positive distractions such as serene artwork and tabletop water features were also installed. Privacy being a vital part of this space, soundproofing was done to ensure conversations could not be heard on the outside.